Runes Oracle

Runes Oracle

Runes Oracle

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Oracle Decks, Lennies, Sibillas, Runes Etc (My Collection Part 4)

Runes Oracle Cards Review 12/12/14

ARIES 15-31 January 2017 PSYCHIC TAROT ORACLE RUNES READING by Christelle Martinette

The runes oracle

The runic alphabet is an old Germano-Scandinavian symbol system, known as the “Futhark”. It consists of 24 characters. Etymologically, “rune” means “secret writing”.

These characters were used to communicate with the gods and invoke their protection. Originally, runes were engraved on flat pebbles. They have always retained their aura of mystery and magic.

Like Tarot cards, runes symbolise human beings’ destinies and pathways through life.

They can be used for self-analysis or as a divining tool, serving as a means of clarification as we progress through life.

The runes oracle comprises:

6 different consultations.

6 possible languages: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

The option of choosing a consultation with or without the 25th rune (Wird).

Inverted runes or in opposition.

Memorisation of each consultation.

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